22 Clinton Foundation Employees Arrested On First Day Of New Investigation

The first day of the investigation into the Clinton Foundation has already netted 22 criminals the FBI was already looking at. The charges range from drug trafficking to money laundering to perjury and there will be no leniency, according to US Attorney Jeff Sessions.

The most prominent arrest was Frank Murphy, who ran the Clinton “security” company, meaning he facilitated all of the illegal transactions and was witness to all of it. If the FBI can crack him, the Clintons would be all over. Cracking him, however, won’t be easy.

You have to remember that these people have gone so far as to murder a US Senator to keep themselves out of prison. With over 100 bodies between them, nobody, especially someone who knows them as well as Murphy, is going to cross them.

Investigators are hoping to get some answers about the actual family involvement, but so far it seems to be insulated to upper management, several pay grades above where the illegal decisions have been made. That could be on purpose, of course.

Either way, the Justice Department says it isn’t backing down until all of the corruption in American politics is rooted out. Good thing Trump has already been draining the swamp.

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