Alec Baldwin Pronounced Dead In Toronto Hit And Run

Trump hater and bad actor Alec Baldwin has met his bitter end at the hands of a drunk driver in Toronto. Baldwin, who was himself pretty snockered, was crossing the street on the way back to his hotel when he was struck and killed by a drunk driver.

The RCMP are investigating the accident, which happened just after 10 PM Eastern. The captain on scene says he can’t release any information or make any statements until all positive IDs have been made and all family has been notified.

A deputy mountie was happy to tell us that the dead man was Baldwin and that he stood no more than three feet from him and looked into his lifeless eyes. “It was him alright,” said the deputy, “I remember the smug look from Saturday Night Live.

Until confirmation is made and the mainstream media decides this actually happened, Baldwin is alive and well, but by 9 AM he’ll be dead as a doornail and liberals will be bawling their eyes out.

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