Bernie Sanders Just Betrayed Democrats, Endorsed Trump In 2020


Donald Trump hasn’t even been in office for a year and already Democ”rats” are jumping ship.

It’s no secret that former Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders hates Hillary Clinton, but he’s never had nice things to say about Trump either. Until now.

“I know I said to vote for Secretary Clinton,” Sanders told a crowd in his home state of New Hampshire, “but recent revelations about the DNC has caused Democrats to lose my trust almost entirely. Meanwhile Donald Trump is delivering on every promise he has made.”

“I don’t know about you but to me it is clear — it is clear — that the President is the only one willing to work with you and me for a better future,” Sanders continued to a split of boos and applause. “I for one want to work with someone to fix our broken health care system. I for one want to work with someone to help our struggling young people. And President Trump is proving to be that person.”

“There’s been a lot of speculation about me running in 2020 and let me tell you that as long as President Trump continues to prove himself, I don’t need to,” Sanders told the stunned crowd.

The Democrat Party is falling apart, and it is time not just for a conservative majority in Congress but a conservative in every seat.

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