BREAKING: Big-Name Democrat Caught Red-Handed With Underage Prostitute In Belize


Democrats love to parrot the ignorant attacks on Senate candidate Roy Moore — the fake story that he molested a 14-year-old girl more than three decades ago — but you never hear them talk about what their side is doing.

On Wednesday, news broke that a man had been arrested in Belize after “purchasing a string of underage prostitutes” over the course of a week. Local law enforcement quickly began investigating and ultimately chose to move in when they saw “a middle-aged black man bring a very  young girl to his room” at the Santa Recto Inn in Belmopan.

Thursday, Belizean officials released the name of the man they arrested: Darius Charles Rucker of Ehopal, Tennessee. Yes, this is the same “Charles Rucker” who is a rising star Democrat and got elected to the state senate in a special election in March. Yes, this is the same “Charles Rucker” who has been winning Democrats’ hearts by calling Roy Moore a child molester.

According to officials, Rucker was caught in bed with an 11-year-old homeless girl “doing the unspeakable.” His other victims ranged between 6 and 14. This occurred during Rucker’s annual vacation to Belize, so it is unclear how long he has been doing this horrific thing.

Naturally, Democrats are completely silent on this and every other issue that exposes them to be the worst of humanity.

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