BREAKING: George Soros Paid 3 Democrats Millions To Vote For Shutdown

Democrat Senators Fred Marken, Louis Kearns and Gerald Harmon are all under investigation for taking bribes from a PAC fund tied to none other than George Soros. The PAC, DemWatch2020, is run by notorious liberal troublemaker Sandy Batt who has declined to comment.

Soros, who enjoys Hungarian citizenship, says he doesn’t care who knows that he buys Congressmen:

“When Charles Koch does it, he’s a patriot. When I do it, I’m a criminal.”

The three senators could be guilty of taking dark money if it’s determined that Soros’ cash came from overseas. At any rate, the timing is criminal in and of itself. No elected official is supposed to take campaign contributions of any kind based on a single vote. It’s under those pretenses that the House Ethics Committee will investigate.

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