BREAKING: Hillary Clinton’s Pastor Just Kicked Her Out Of Church

Hillary Clinton must know she’s going down because she apparently tried to attend church. Unfortunately, Donald Trump’s defeated opponent is such an evil person she wasn’t welcome at the church she tried to attend.

According to The Christian Times,, Clinton was asked by the pastor of Riverwood Methodist Church in New York City to leave “within minutes” of walking in the door with her husband:

Clinton began greeting people and “generally acting like she was still campaigning” according to witnesses. After a few minutes, Pastor Harold Watts asked her to leave because she was “becoming a distraction.”

This is pretty big, as Riverwood has been Clinton’s go-to church for years. Watts says that he has asked Clinton multiple times in the past to make her visits more about God than herself, but she “has not listened and therefore can no longer attend.”

It appears the country is sick of Hillary Clinton, and with good reason: she represents the very worst that our society has to offer humanity.

Get used to it, Hillary! The age of Trump is here and you are done!


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