BREAKING: Jeff Sessions Calls Late-Night Cabinet Meeting To Remove President Trump

An intern from the White House OIP has confirmed that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has just tried to use a sneaky backdoor to removing President trump from power. Sessions, having called a full cabinet meeting without The President or Vice-President’s knowledge, attempted to invoke the 25th Amendment.

The 25th Amendment states that a President can be removed by a unanimous vote from his cabinet of no confidence. According to Undersecretary of Indian Casino Affairs Kristopher Blair, the vote was quick and decisive:

“It was 32-1 against. Sessions was all alone. He made the case that because the President uses Twitter and likes to use embellishing vocabulary that he’s unfit to serve. To serve as President comes with an immense amount of stress and responsibility, unless you were Obama. Then you were basically coddled and told you do nothing wrong. Ever.

President Trump is the most scrutinized President of all time. That doesn’t mean he’s not the guy America elected.”

The Oval Office has refused to acknowledge that the meeting took place, presumably to save Jeff Sessions’ career. Despite what the little snowflake might think, he’s still the Attorney General and his actions reflect directly on the President. Aside from Blair and a few interns looking to score a favor in DC, nobody seems to want to talk about this at all.

Imagine that.

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