BREAKING: Kellyanne Conway Fired

President Trump has fired Kellyanne Conway, according to our source inside the West Wing. Sandiford Batt, senior aide and Trump insider, has confirmed to us that Conway will clean out her desk and be escorted out of the building at the end of today’s staff meeting:

“Conway is finished. She gave him a hard time over the Stormy Daniels thing because she said that her silence was a ‘ridiculous display of guilt.’ She told him she couldn’t get him re-elected. That was last night. Today went off as planned, but it will end badly for her at about 4PM Eastern.”

Some are saying that Melania and Barron’s absence from anything to do with the President is Kellyanne’s doing. Batt tells us that Melania left Conway’s office “in tears” the day the alleged affair came to light. It would appear that even with the President denying it, Conway may have been spreading misinformation that it was true.

“She’s been through a lot,” said Batt, “President Trump takes his anger out on her a lot. I think she finally just broke.” That’s a shame and all, but when your opinion could help shape decisions that affect the entire world, you had better not bring baseless allegations and man-hate into the discussion.

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