BREAKING: Malia Obama’s REAL Parents Step Forward With Shocking Announcement


It’s long been speculated that Malia Obama and her sister Sasha were both adopted and that Michelle and Barack are not their biological parents, and now we have confirmation.

Martin and Christina Smaltz, an African-American woman and a Caucasian man, have now come forward with the revelation that Barack and Michelle Obama approached them about acting as surrogates in 1996 when Barack was considering entering politics.

“They needed a daughter and we needed money,” Christina told Breitbart News in a bombshell report published Sunday. The couple says they were paid $150,000 each and were assured that medical records would be forged so their involvement would not be revealed. At the time, the Obamas claimed Barack was as impotent as his presidency. Both signed a confidentiality agreement, which they broke to act as whistleblowers.

The Smaltzes say that they are not sure who Sasha’s parents are (they think the Obamas used a separate surrogate for her), but say that “the guilt of helping a former President cover up something this major” had “gotten to” them and they felt the right thing to do was to come forward.

Malia was very useful to Obama while he was campaigning for state Senator, with him referencing her in more than 67% of his campaign speeches in an effort to endear himself to the crowd.

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