BREAKING: ‘Most Admired Man’ Poll Was Fixed

The President and all of his supporters are calling for Gallup to re-poll the American Public about who they think the most admired man in the world is after reports from the Southeastern United States confirmed widespread tampering with pollsters.

In Georgia, only 11 votes were registered. In Alabama, 104. Does that sound like a fair assessment of how many votes for Trump were ignored? Those are ruby-red states.

According to Fox News:

“The polling for this particular honor is always geared towards the minority. Obama has won now for ten years in a row when he was not admired by many at all for several of those years.

Clearly Trump was the right choice after his landslide victory last year.”

Gallup says they take their polling data seriously and they will revisit the issue after the new year. One executive said the results of the poll were “an embarrassment to anyone who loves America.”

It’s amazing that enough people could vote for a known Muslim sympathizer who despises his own country for “most admired” anything. He’s a criminal who should hang for his crimes.

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