BREAKING: Muslim Federal Judge Blocks Middle Class Tax Cuts


When the GOP overwhelmingly managed to push President Trump’s middle class tax cuts past obstructionist Democrats, it seemed like America was one step closer to being great again. Unfortunately, a Muslim judge serving on the 9th District Court of Appeals singlehandedly threw a wrench in the gears.

Mohammad Shalamma al-Allahalla, who has served on the court for under three months, heard arguments that the tax cuts “unfairly favor the rich” and he agreed with that position, canceling out more than $350 million in savings for families making between $75k and $150k per year.

According to the Wall Street Journal’s law blog, the provisions eliminated by al-Allahalla “do not actually address tax cuts for wealthier Americans, but instead would add “numerous breaks for the middle class had the breaks not been declared unconstitutional.”

It’s a complete mystery why a federal judge would rule this way, but this will almost certainly head to the Supreme Court where this terrible decision will be overturned.

More than 83% of the 9th Circuit Court’s decisions are overturned on appeal or through the use of higher courts.

It’s worth asking why a Muslim, who is beholden to Sharia Law and not U.S. Law, is serving as a judge on a higher court anyway, but maybe it’s time for that to end.

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