BREAKING: Muslim Mayor Who Wanted To Cancel Christmas Renounces Islam, Accepts Jesus


You might remember Mayor Allalam al-Halakka Akbar of Waukeegan, Maine’s call to cancel “all Christian government holidays” a few months back. Well, he just did something that will shock you.

“It is a disgrace that the United States officially endorses Christian holidays while ignoring those of Muslims and our Jewish brothers,” Akbar said in July. “We must allow only secular holidays as government holidays.”

This statement comes not from a desire to remove religion from government, but as a means of attacking Christianity, Hope Institute director Felicia Day told Breitbart Tuesday:

“Akbar has separately called for Muslim religions to be officially recognized by the government,” says Dr. Day, who has decades of experience studying radical Islamic terrorist groups. “It is a means of wiping Christianity from society and intended as a first step in replacing it with Islam.”

Surprisingly, Akbar agrees  as he told a local news reporter when he announced that he had renounced Islam.

Akbar says he began attending the Waukeegan Presbyterian Church a few months ago as part of a bet with a Christian friend, who agreed to accompany Akbar to his Mosque.

“Jesus spoke to me,” Akbar told the Waukeegan Daily Report. “Last Sunday, I just felt this warmth as he came into my heart and I broke down and wept. I couldn’t stop myself.”

Akbar says that Christmas is not only welcome in his town but also in his home.

This just goes to show that Jesus can find his way into any heart, even one corrupted by evil. God bless you, Mr. Akbar!

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