CONFIRMED: Steve Bannon Among 4 Dead In Small Plane Crash

Steve Bannon, the one-time top advisor to President trump and Breitbart Media mogul, died this afternoon in a small plane crash just outside of Leeman, Maryland. The plane, a single-engine Cessna, was chartered to bring Bannon to Washington DC for a meeting.

The FAA says the plane went down due to “catastrophic engine failure” after an oil leak opened up mid-flight, causing the motor to dry out and seize in mid-air. The possibility of some sort of sabotage has been “all but ruled out.”

When asked for a quote, the Oval Office released a statement that the President’s thoughts and prayers are with Bannon’s family and that it’s a shame he died in such disgrace. President Trump has said repeatedly that Bannon didn’t represent the image of his Presidency. “He’s kind of a slob,” he once remarked to the Japanese Ambassador to France.

Bannon’s family is calling for an investigation into the crash, calling it “pretty unbelievable” that an oil leak brought a plane down that happened to be carrying Robert Mueller’s key witness for tomorrow morning. Art Tubolls, White House OIP Director, responded by calling the Bannon’s “conspiracy nuts.” He reminded them that Bannon was fired for lack of integrity:

“Bannon had no integrity. He was born and raised a Democrat and switched sides when it suited him. That makes him a hypocrite. Bottom line. It’s a shame he died but let’s not go crazy pretending he was Saint Stevie.”

Trump’s Twitter is quiet at the moment and mainstream media doesn’t seem to be interested in reporting the story other than a blurb on Fox News. CBS Social Media Director Sandy Batt told us that they aren’t running with the story because “nobody seems to give a shit about Steve Bannon.”

Ain’t that the truth. Thoughts and Prayers to his family. Rest in Peace.

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