EXCLUSIVE: Jeff Sessions Tells Us What’s Next After Trump Fires Him

Jeff Sessions is on his way out and he knows it. In an unofficial interview with Ladies of Liberty, Sessions discussed when he thinks it will happen and what he’ll do next:

“President Trump won’t ever be happy with me, I’m afraid. I think the medical marijuana issue pushed it over the edge. We don’t see eye to eye. He sees state’s rights and I see an epidemic just as bad as crack or heroin making its way into our culture as some kind of normal behavior.

I think at this point the President should replace me if he has someone better in mind. I serve at his pleasure.

As for what I’ll do next? I don’t really know. I may go back to Alabama and take my seat in the Senate back from Doug Jones. Or…I may just retire. I’ve been a public servant all my life. Maybe it’s time to walk away.”

Sessions seemed to almost be at peace with how out of touch he is with his Chief Executive. His honesty is comforting, and knowing that he’s willing to accept whatever President Trump decides gracefully and with dignity is a huge plus and a giant weight off the shoulders of the Oval Office.

We would certainly endorse Jeff Sessions for Senator in Alabama.

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