Hillary Clinton’s Drunken Rampage Caught On Tape: ‘Obama Should Have Been My House N*****r!’ (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton was in rare form last night at a charity function in Paris. At nearly $10K per plate and $25 per drink, Clinton must have spent a fortune to get as fat and loaded as she was. At one point, while a videographer was standing right next to her, she can be heard slurring these words:

“That f*ckin jerk just slid his black ass right in there. F*ck Obama. He was supposed to be my house n****r and then run in 2016. Instead he grew the f*cking Donald from a mid-level meathead to the most powerful mid-level meathead of all time.

Christ it’s just so depressing. Now that douchebag wants me to write a book with him abouit f*cking Benghazi. Let it go, man. Let it go.”

Clinton reportedly had “way too much to drink,” according to bartender Jimmy Houseman:

“She was letting go. I’ve met the Secretary before and she was nothing like that. That wasn’t her.”

Democrats all use the same excuses. The only time you should really pay attention to a politician is when they’re on the campaign trail.

Here’s the video, captured by Legnowski Digital Media:

***UPDATE: All of the videos of Clinton’s rant have seemed to disappear. It can’t last forever. We will keep the video address up for now, which seems to be leading to a sorority recruitment video you men should enjoy.

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