Author Of New Trump-Hating Book Is An Old Friend Of A Very Bad Man

The real author of the new book liberals think is some kind of a “bombshell” is just another toadie on the payroll of the Anti-Christ himself, George Soros. A new report from The Foreign Press shows that Daniel Resdon not only works for Soros full-time but also collected more than $4 million to ghostwrite the book.

Resdon’s book, a Story of Fire and Ice, is being packaged as a tell-all from a Trump insider when actually, according to this new report, the “author” is a low-level nobody at the Trump company and the ghostwriter has never actually met him.

It’s a bit ironic that liberals, who criticize Trump all the time for using a ghostwriter for Art of the Deal, are about to put so much stock in a book written by a ghostwriter.

The entire book and everything in it are Soros inspired liberal lies aimed at discrediting the President and deflecting attention from the new investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

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