BREAKING: Gay Texas Bakers Refuse To Make Christian Child’s Cake, Media Silent


We are always hearing how “evil” Christians are persecuting the gays by refusing to participate in their weddings by making their cakes or providing catering services for moral reasons. But oddly the media hasn’t said a single thing about what happened in Marlboro, Texas last week.

Susanne Borton, 32, says she and her husband stopped into Fab Cakes on Martindale Avenue for a pretty standard cake: one that reads “Happy Birthday Sam!” and features a photo of praying hands and a Bible. Sam, like his parents, are Christians.

Unfortunately Marcus Boyle and Kevin Turner, the couple who owns the small bakery, decided they just had to make things difficult. According to the Marlboro Leader:

Boyle and Turner told the Bortons they would not make the cake because Christianity is “a personal attack” on the bakers.

“Marcus Boyle told me that my God tells me I have to hate him so they don’t feel comfortable participating in any celebration that involves Jesus or the Bible,” Susanne Borton says. “I don’t get it: when Christians won’t make cakes to celebrate their so-called ‘marriages’ they’re all up in arms but when a Christian asks them for a birthday cake it’s suddenly a problem.”

This comparison is more appropriate than the Bortons realize. Boyle and Turner opened their cake shop with money they won from a 2011 lawsuit in Maine like the one Borton describes. They moved to Texas and opened their own shop after winning a lawsuit against Christians who refused to make their anniversary cake.

Boyle and Turner have refused comment.

It’s funny that liberals are not up in arms about this. It’s a clear act of discrimination, but since it’s against white  Christians they don’t consider it a big deal/

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