"Ladies of Liberty" Seeks Models! Final deadline March 1, 2005

Want a shot at Libertarian calendar fame? The 2006 "Ladies of Liberty" calendar is
the easiest ever for enthusiastic Libertarian women! Just check out
www.RachelMills.com/howtoapplyfor2005.htm today, and get your photos in by March

In past years' calendars, participation could involve professional photo shoots, some
travel, and even a nominal fee, but this year, the concept is much simper. The photo
shoot can be done right in your own home with a digital camera, no travel, and no

Of course, quality is still a top priority, so calendar producer Rachel Mills won't accept
just any old snapshot. As with past calendars, the 2006 version will have a specific
theme--1950's movie posters--to which accepted photos will adhere. Ladies will select
two or three movie posters to emulate, and pose as closely to the original as possible,
including a similar hairdo, make-up, and wardrobe. To see how easy it is, Mills ran
some simple test shots to convey the theme and what she's looking for, and to
demonstrate that it could be done easily in one afternoon, without any professional
services or monetary expense. Her test shots and more details on how to apply are
posted on the Web at www.RachelMills.com/howtoapplyfor2005.htm. The models'
rough photos will be digitally imposed on the original movie poster images, with
libertarian messages in place of the text.

Several very promising photos have been submitted, but it's only about half of what
Mills needs to go into production. So her preliminary deadline of July 15 has been
extended to a final deadline of Aug. 25. Models should contact Mills via e-mail at
[email protected] before their shoot to clear their choice(s) of poster concept.
Each month must have a different poster, so duplication of effort can create problems.

Libertarian women are strongly encouraged to apply for the calendar. It'll be the most
sexy fund raising tool for your local Party and candidates, and it's a great deal of fun
to boot!

To order past years' calendars, visit www.RachelMills.com. Bulk prices are available
for Party fund raising. Rachel Mills is a member of the LP of North Carolina, and is
also the founder of the Ladies of Liberty Political Action Committee (PAC), which you
can visit at www.LadiesOfLiberty.net.