Obama Humiliated: Former Students Suing For Fraud Want Their Tuition Returned

Students who studied at the University of Chicago under “professor” Barack Obama have filed suit against him and the school for egregious failure to educate, supplementing school curriculum without tenure and disseminating fraudulent information in a public school setting. So for more than two dozen students have come forward.

The issue began as students, who signed up for a class on constitutional law, began to go back through their notes to realize Obama had no idea what he was talking about. One report says he taught that because Sharia Law was made up of the laws of people and not a religion, it could be used in court cases. He also taught that the 2nd Amendment was no more absolute than the 10th because the 14th Amendment gave states the right to repeal it.

Both of those things are, of course, ridiculous and should never have been taught by a man pretending to be a “constitutional law” professor. He spent eight years in the Oval Office breaking the law and his oath, which the former students will be able to introduce into evidence.

The suit, filed in the 19th district Chicago Federal Court, will go into discovery and depositions this week. It should be interesting to see what Obama has to say about this on the public record.

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