President Trump Answers Everyone’s Big Question Like A CHAMP!

President Trump has been openly avoiding answering one question that everyone has been asking: Could you beat Oprah Winfrey in a national election? The President has been very gracious, stating that he has no desire to get into hypotheticals with such an American icon, no matter what her politics.

That right there is pure class. He doesn’t want to make a black woman look foolish publicly, otherwise, the liberals will all call him a racist. This morning, in a quiet interview with Sandy Batt from Fox News, President Trump answered the question:

“I think she’d do great, but really in the end she’s no match. I have all the cards. I’ve been President longer in my first year than any President has ever come close to. It’s been huge. There are people who think blacks won’t vote for me if she runs, but they’re dead wrong. Those people love me. The ones who aren’t looking for a free ride are all on team Trump.

I would destroy her. 50 state sweep.”

That’s a bold statement until you consider that without all of the fraud and city votes, Trump took every state but California and Massachusetts in the biggest landslide upset in electoral history. Liberals like to forget about that. Or they just deny it and present their “facts” to prove you wrong.

It’s like that pigeon meme, amiright?

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