REPORT: Clinton Foundation ‘Volunteers’ In Puerto Rico Are ‘Thieves Doing More Harm Than Good’

The Clinton Foundation, a sham organization run by the Clinton Crime Family to cover for their international drug, gun, and human trafficking enterprises, secured an immediate contract using Hillary’s old State Department contacts to aid in the cleanup effort in Puerto Rico.

Note the wording. “Aid in the cleanup effort.” Nowhere does it say they intended to help actual people, rebuild anything or do anything that could possibly benefit anyone but themselves. The crying shame is that they were paid $14 Million in taxpayer money to go to Puerto Rico for the specific mission of “salvaging non-ferrous, precious and semi-precious metals.

In other words, they’re scrapping copper, aluminum, zinc, and brass, which is abundant in residential homes. They travel with an armed military escort, because anyone removing those metals before the state of emergency is lifted is looting unless sanctioned.

So imagine that. A company is paid millions, which they spend on comfy trailers or houseboats, generators and food stores for their “volunteers,” who are given a third of the take from the scrap metal as a “gratuity.” It’s all very below-board and wrong.

The Clintons live in the land of below-board and wrong. They couldn’t care less that people are suffering right next to where their men sit in air-conditioned comfort sipping sweet tea and eating home-cooked meals. They’re the Clintons. Their needs come first.

Of course, nobody will prosecute them and the mainstream media will ignore this completely, as usual. This is the world we live in. At least with President Trump, it’s beginning to get a little bit better every day.

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