REPORT: Ivanka Didn’t Send That Tweet About Oprah (PROOF)

When Ivanka Trump sent out a tweet after Oprah Winfrey’s emotionally-charged rant to a room full of liberal elitists, something seemed off. Why would she, with all of the controversy surrounding her father’s alleged harassment of women, go out of her way to talk about that very subject while praising a woman who is considering a run against him?

The short answer is…she didn’t. A West Wing intern named Stephanie McCord thought it would be funny to make Ivanka look uncomfortable. What she got instead was an even stronger Ivanka who refused to deny that she stands for women in this country. The intern has been fired and the White House council’s office is considering charges for impersonating a person with code-word security clearance.

The intern’s story has been kept under wraps because, as her assistant put it, “Ivanka does strongly support women’s causes and doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with the tweet.” He added that Ivanka said she would have allowed Stevie to send the tweet out had she asked.

Ivanka Trump’s office has issued a statement that confirms her support for women, including Oprah Winfrey because she has some actual class where others don’t. “This should have never been a story in the first place,” Ivanka told IBT.

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