SAY WHAT?!? Rex Tillerson Admits: ‘State Department Is Still Mostly Run By Obama’

Rex Tillerson has revealed after an audit of his State Department that as many as 70% of the diplomats on the payroll are Obama loyalists working towards the goals of globalism and the Deep State Nation. Tillerson says the main goal of the Obama administration and why he employed Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State was simple: Turn globalism into international policy.

The problem, Tillerson told LLOD correspondent Art Tubolls, is that there aren’t enough qualified diplomats available to replace them:

“Ultimately we’re going to end up with a bunch of Ambassadors and station chiefs running around without proper diplomatic credibility. They will be targets all over the globe and they won’t have the experience or the foresight to stop their own assassinations.

The stark truth is, we need to let many of these sleeping dogs lie as we train the next generation of leaders to push the Trump agenda.”

Tillerson says that there is one constant among Obama sleepers that won’t change anytime soon: they operate under the assumption that the common Trump supporter is a “stupid piece of turd circling the drain of fringe politics.” We’ll show them just who is a paranoid delusional and who deserves to be laughed at.

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