OK, So What do you DO?

The Ladies of Liberty are currently working on their third calendar - and it is not too
late to model!  We continue to sell the 2003 and 2004 calendar to raise money for
candidates, and have made large donations ($500) to Judge Jim Gray and
Michael Badnarik.  

I'm not a model, what do you have for me?

Sure, you're fabulous, but you don't need to display that fabulous flesh for all to
see.  There are BIG things in the works for you at the PAC:

Monthly Meetings - Find one or start one here

Sell your clutter on-line to
help fundraise for freedom!  
Click for more info!

Hotties Hit the Hill - First Annual Legislative Conference in DC,
planned for July 2007

Watchdog Alerts and Calls to Action - delivered via email

Watch for Continual Improvements and Additions

Meetup.com should allow us our own subsection in Libertarianism by August.  In
the mean time, I encourage Ladies of Liberty to flood the regular monthly
meetings scheduled through meetup.com.  It's free and very easy.

The Legislative Conference will give you an opportunity to see the way our
federal government works up close and VERY personal.  You'll learn about bills
currently on the floor, hear expert non-partisan speakers explain details about
the political process, and then you'll get to be a lobbyist for a day, visiting YOUR
representatives to let them know you're paying attention and SHOWING UP.

Of course, there is always stuff going on in government that we should all be
vigilant about.  Coming soon, we'll have a message board for discussions and
alerts will go out if emergency letters to the editor and to representatives need to
be written.