Obama’s Accountant Caught Trying To Smuggle $400 Million In Cash Into Mexico

Long-time accountant and close friend to the Obama’s, Clyde Vargas, is being detained for questioning at the US border crossing in Paolo Alto. According to agents from US Customs, Vargas was trying to smuggle $400 million in $100 bills into Mexico.

Leon Drepayneston told Fox News:

“The amount is awfully close to how much those payments to Irean were supposed to be. As far as we can tell, this guy doesn’t work for anyone else. Unless he came up with it out of thin air it belongs to his boss.

The FBI is also involved at this point, “working feverishly” to make the connection between Obama and the cash. Kevin Brennan, Director of Political Crimes, says the bureau needs a big win:

“To catch something of this magnitude would do wonders for morale. We haven’t accomplished much around here lately. We need the W.”

What they do know is that Vargas claims to have been on a “diplomatic mission” for Obama. What that means, exactly, since Obama isn’t a diplomat anymore, is anyone’s guess. He refuses to account for where the money came from, only that he “filled out the proper paperwork for a border crossing with more than $10K cash.”

That ruse was to throw off the scent with an envelope carrying $11K. That way, after crossing, Vargas would have documented proof that the money was legitimate. Jeffrey Freedman of the TSA says it’s a common tactic used by smugglers that exploits a loophole in the customs paperwork.

Maybe it’s time they fixed that.

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