UPDATE: Trey Gowdy’s ‘Sexual Assault’ Accuser Worked For Hillary Clinton

The young man accusing Trey Gowdy of sexual assault is a Democrat operative who used to work for Hillary Clinton. Sanford Batt, who has filed a lawsuit and asked for criminal charges against Gowdy, says the Congressman drugged him and raped him in the bushes outside his Washington apartment.

Gowdy’s office refuses to acknowledge the young man’s accusations at all, calling them “nonsense.” According to Melinda Caperponictatles, Gowdy has never even met the man:

“This whole thing is a setup to make it look like the Congressman is retiring from politics. Batt worked for the Clinton campaign and was also a legal consultant when she took the stand to be questioned. He spent hours prepping her because he was a “Gowdy expert.”

Batt is seeking $40 million in restitution that he says he will cut in half if Gowdy just admits to the act and faces the consequences. Our lawyers estimate that a man of his stature, religion and skin color would spend roughly four months in prison for rape, which is completely unacceptable. Gowdy’s lawyer says he won’t spend a minute in a courtroom over this nonsense, nevermind a prison cell.

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