JUSTICE SERVED: Kim Jong Un Assassinated

North Korea is waking up to find that their Supreme Leader, Kim Jong Un, is either dead or has been replaced with his body double until what’s left of his regime can figure out what to do. Kim, who has tested Trump time and time again with nuclear threats, met his end with a sniper round from 600 yards on Trump’s order.

The Pentagon and the White House will release this joint statement in the morning:

“On thye advice of his Chiefs of Staff and using his own amazing leadership skills, President Trump ordered a sniper from the elite Seal Team Six, (DEVGRU Gold), to engage and eliminate Kim Jong Un and his senior staff as they dioned on an open patio behind the Presidential Palace while their country starved.

The group had no escape and as such. more than a dozen of Kim’s top generals and ministers are no more. South Korea has begun operations to move in on Central Command, which has been secured and locked down.”

Basically, President Trump had the balls to do in one night what no other President since Eisenhower has been able to do. The world will be a much better place. MSM will pick the story up as soon as Reuters or the AP say it’s true. Sad that the world has to work that way.

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