Trump To Start His Monday By Firing Jeff Sessions

Sources very close to the White House say that Jeff Sessions has come to the end of his political career. A top aide, who is well-known but under strict orders to remain anonymous, has leaked to at least a dozen outlets that Sessions’ head is what’s for breakfast:

“The decision to allow Iowa Senator Sandy Batt to walk away without so much as a slap on the wrist for insider trading was the last straw. Sessions is clearly being paid by the Democrats to look the other way. That man is a crook. He should be in jail.”

Politicoba says the move to leak the information may be to allow Sessions time to either prepare to plead his case or resign with some dignity. Either way, that will be up to Sessions to decide.

Pundits have been saying for months that the departure of Trey Gowdy from the House of Representatives had much to do with the incompetence of Jeff Sessions. Now it looks like the opportunity may arise for Mr. Gowdy to take over as the nation’s top Law Enforcement Officer.

There is no confirmation from the White House Office of Information and Propaganda. Art Tubolls isn’t answering anyone’s phone calls. Jeff Sessions is most likely sweating somewhere in a DC suburb. The networks won’t run without a second source, which they won’t get until morning.

You heard it here first!


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