Trump Wins The Award Obama Never Could

Donald Trump has just been awarded the title of “International Man of the Year” by the ICMSA. The award is given to one person every year who exemplifies what the world should stand for. This year it was US President Donald Trump.

What sets this award apart from the awards Obama won is that this award isn’t always won by the President. In the past, this award has gone to such great men as Donald Rumsfeld, Charles Koch, Sean Hannity and Julian Assange.

In case you were wondering…no. Barack Obama was never awarded anything from the ICMSA. Official committee spokesman Art Tubolls explains:

“Obama was very ho-hum. His administration was effective and laser-focused. They never stepped outside the box or attacked the smaller issues that affect the real people of the world. It was always all about peace and hunger and fairness.

The American people don’t want to be the little helpers of the world. They want to own it. Donald Trump is the first President since Johnson to see this clearly.”

Johnson, incidentally, was the last US President to win the award.

A ceremony will be held early next month at Mar-A-Lago as soon as the kitchen gets their pest problem under control.

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