TRUSTED INSIDER: John McCain Has Been Dead For Two Weeks

Captain Mitchell Hargrove, USMC retired and trusted co-founder of the III%ers, has confirmed that his sources in the Beltway witnessed the death of John McCain from brain cancer and the subsequent coverup that followed more than two weeks ago. A message left in Cpt. Hargrove’s private Facebook group explains:

“John McCain’s death couldn’t have come at a worse time. The Republicans didn’t need his vote to pass the tax bill, but the Democrats needed him to introduce amendments that would leave Obamacare in place. Nancy Pelosi and John McCain’s widow set the whole thing up to coverup the Senator’s death.

Then things got even more strange as the Republicans suddenly found themselves struggling for votes. They then aided in the coverup. The only person out of the loop was President Trump.”

Now that the truth is out there, experts speculate that the tax bill will need to be revisited. Senate rules dictate that a single fraudulent vote nullifies a bill for that congressional session, meaning the tax bill wouldn’t be able to be revisited until 2019.

The problem now, then, becomes proof. According to Hargrove, McCain’s family is preparing to announce his death after the Holidays. They already have Photoshoppers in place to “prove” he’s still alive. Both the Democrats and Republicans are insisting he is still alive. President Trump may not look into the matter, either, as losing the tax bill would be devastating to his legacy.

In the end, it looks like Senator McCain may have taken one for the team.

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