UPDATE: Clinton Taken Off Of Life Support

According to our inside source at Westchester Memorial Hospital, where Hillary Clinton was admitted after a “mild cardiac event,” she has now been taking off of life support and a “Do Not Resuscitate” order has been issued. Doctors expect her to suffer a fatal heart attack without her breathing tube. Clinton was pronounced brain-dead at 2 PM Eastern.

At first, the Clinton family tried to lie about her condition, hoping she would improve, but it became increasingly clear as time went on that there’s no use hiding it. Multiple news outlets are now reporting the story.

Clinton will always be remembered as the cold-hearted bitch who tried to lie to our country about Benghazi and gave our nuclear bombs to Russia. She was almost President, which means right now we’d be looking at President Whatshisface, the little guy Mike Pence walked all over in the debates.

The Clinton family hasn’t made a statement yet but they are expected to announce her death publicly and that Bill pulled the plug himself at a news conference later today. President Trump didn’t respond to the news, saying he has “real things to worry about.”

We’ll keep you updated on this developing story. Stay tuned.

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