UPDATE: Malia Obama’s Dog Found Dead In Freezing Cold


Once again The Obama family is showing Americans exactly how trashy they are. When Malia obama got special permission to keep a dog in her dorm room it seemed like a sweet gesture. Unfortunately she took care of her new puppy just as well as her father did our country- which was not well at all.

On Friday morning Snowball, Malias dog, was found chained to a post outside her dormitory according to Cambridge police. The Harvard Sentinel reports:

The dog had been left outside for what appeared to be a bathroom break but Malia never came back outside to retrieve her pet.

Police originally wanted to charge her with animal cruelty but elected to show leniency when she explained that she fell asleep while “studying for next semester.”

Obama gained special permission to stay in the dormitory over the holiday because she needed to care for her pet.

Its a miracle that anyone trusted a member of the Obama Family to care for a living being but it’s even more disgusting that she would do this to a defenseless animal.

The obama family is trash and this just further proves it.

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