UPDATE: Mueller Will Be Forced To Resign Over Pelosi Affair

Robert Mueller’s steamy, 13-year affair with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is going to cost him more than a little bit of embarrassment and his marriage, according to a trusted source inside the Department of Justice. Mueller will also be forced to resign from his position as Special Prosecutor for the FBI, nullifying everything that investigator has uncovered as fruit of the poisonous tree.

Pelosi, who says her husband was well-aware of the affair, swears that Mueller was just a friend whose company she enjoyed on long, lonely working nights and weekends in Washington. The California “progressive” says her husband was afforded the same freedom to explore “pleasures of the flesh.” :

“We’re not interested in defending our actions or our values as human beings. I’m a public servant who will continue to serve until my health or my constituents say otherwise.”

Regardless of how much we hate Nacy Pelosi, she represents a Congressional District that saw a million fraudulent votes from illegal immigrants. She’ll hold that seat until she dies.

Mueller, on the other hand, is looking at a messy divorce, a public humiliation and the loss of his job. He’ll also go down in history as the man who had solid evidence against several Trump surrogates and allowed their cases to all be dismissed on a technicality. None of it would have led to Trump, but it still lifts a huge weight from his legacy.

Mueller is finished and will resign as early as next Tuesday at 4.

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