UPDATE: Robert Mueller’s Steamy Affair With Nancy Pelosi Will Cost Him Big Time

Robert Mueller has all but confessed to his 13-year affair with Nancy Pelosi. After Radar online and TMZ announced that they would break the story by Wednesday, Mueller went into CYA mode and began making arrangements for a place to live and a new job should this go as badly as predicted.

Insiders in the White House and Department of Justice are already looking at firing Mueller for his indiscretions and finding somebody with some credibility to run the remainder of the investigation. Someone like Trey Gowdy. The problem is, Democrats will cry foul and claim Mueller is being persecuted for investigating Trump. which is absurd:

“If Mueller is fired over something unrelated to the investigation it just goes to show that anyone who gets too close to this president will be punished. That punishment will be swift and harsh.”

Some would say that’s a good thing. Isn’t it time we let our president do his job and drain the swamp? For nearly a year these ridiculous allegations have kept our law enforcement agencies overworked when they could be spending that time investigating the DNC for rigging an election or Hillary Clinton’s emails. How about Benghazi? Will we ever know what really happened?

Whatever happens, we the people know that our president is the only honest person in our government. He’s the one we can trust. The rest are just pawns.

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