UPDATE: Roy Moore’s Accuser Arrested And Charged With Forgery

Elaine McDonald, the woman who accused Judge Roy Moore of sexual abuse in the 1970s, has learned that poor decisions have consequences. The Alabama Attorney General’s Office officially filed charges against her this morning for forgery after learning that the signature she said was Judge Moore’s is actually a fake.

McDonald says she did what she did so the country would know what a “dangerous predator” Judge Moore is. The reality is that without her phony yearbook, the only evidence of her invented story is her word, which is now as good as a pile of horse manure.

Judge Moore’s spokesman released a statement about the development shortly after McDonald was picked up by local police in Savannah:

“Judge Moore doesn’t hold any grudges. He and Elaine had a short but meaningful relationship for nearly a year when she was a young woman and he chooses to remember her for that. That’s because while Elaine McDonald may have become a twisted agent of the Deep State, she was once a vibrant young woman with a bright future. Her life choices have led to this.”

McDonald’s charges include falsification and forgery of a public official’s signature. Both charges are 4th-degree felonies in Alabama and each carries a maximum 5-year jail term and a $5K fine. Maybe next time she’ll think twice before trying to destroy a good man’s life.

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