UPDATE: Ruth Bader Ginsberg Will Be Dead By Morning

Sources watching emergency activity in the DC Beltway are reporting that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg was taken via Life Flight helicopter to Bethesda Naval Hospital. The 911 call from her daughter, Lorretta Ginsberg-Banks said she was “unresponsive and not breathing.”

John Killington, editor of The Beltway Times, says he personally heard the call and monitored the dispatch from the EMTs:

“The EMTs never used her name, as instructed by her security detail, but we were able to follow voice prompts and ascertain that she was revived on site and airlifted to Bethesda.”

Doctors at Bethesda are being very hush-hush about a fragile situation. Ginsberg isn’t expected back on the bench until January, so keeping her death a secret for long won’t be easy. Her family and clerks have stopped all contact with the press.

President Trump hasn’t reacted to the news, which is the right move in case she turns around and lives through the night. While her official condition is unknown, a resident at Bethesda told LLOD that “a woman matching that description is in guarded condition and expected to die.

Democrats are great at keeping this kind of thing a secret until it’s too late. Then they always look like the corrupt party they are — always trying to deceive the American people.

This time it won’t matter. Trump will replace her, SCOTUS will repeal gay marriage and Roe and America can get back on track.

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