UPDATE: Trump To Appoint Roy Moore

Donald Trump has let his staff know that he’s looking for a place to put Roy Moore, former Chief Justice of Alabama’s Supreme Court. According to our source inside the West Wing:

“The President is actively seeking an appointment for Roy Moore. He would love to see a Supreme Court appointment come available, but he would also be happy putting him on a Federal Appeals Court or even in a position with the US Attorney.

He called Moore ‘the mosdt talented jurist in the country’ and really wants to use him in the administration now that he won’t be seeking public office.”

The Moore camp hasn’t accepted any appointments and says it isn’t actively seeking one, but if it were to happen, Roy Moore would let God sort it out:

“Roy will go wherever God tells him to go. He thought that was to the US Senate; now it looks like that wasn’t His will. Maybe he is better off on the bench.”

No matter where he ends up, Roy Moore is an asset to the Republican Party. He truly shows the kind of values we’re looking for these days. It would be great to have Jesus influence some decisions on the Federal level, wouldn’t it?

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