UPDATE: Two More Democrats Follow Al Franken’s Lead And Resign In Disgrace

After Al Franken announced he would resign from the Senate for being a sexual predator, two lower-ranking Democrats decided to follow suit. Junior Senator Marc McGrath and Representative Wallace Bergin, both of New York, will step down sometime before the New Year.

McGrath, whose son is a famous musician, has been accused of assaulting women in backstage areas and dressing rooms while his son performed for his fans. He used his name and stature to gain their trust, then he violated them.

Bergin, who has been in The House of Representatives for nearly 20 years, was accused last week of assaulting his secretary at a Christmas Party in 1992, just hours after taking his vows and marrying his high school sweetheart.

Both of the Democrats, relative unknowns in the party, hold seats no Republican will ever win, but that’s not what matters right now. What matters right now is making sure people who mistreat women and use their position to hurt people aren’t sitting in seats of power in Washington.

The Trump administration has remained fairly silent as the latest round of Democrats are tossed on the scrap heap. President Trump has a country to run, after all, and doesn’t need this kind of distraction.

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