URGENT UPDATE: Mueller’s Disgusting Affair With Nancy Pelosi Was Just The Beginning

More of the real life of Robert Mueller is being leaked from credible, back-channel sources close to the independent investigation. One administrative assistant who works just outside Mueller’s office has broken her silence, saying Nany Pelosi was “just one of several” high-ranking Democrats the Special Council has had affairs with over the years:

“Robert Mueller is well-known in the circles of ‘progressive’ women to be a generous man looking for fun and not commitment. To some people that’s considered a good quality. He had late-night visits from several familiar faces in Washington, including Senator Elizabeth Warren, Supreme Court Justice Sonja Sotomeyer and liberal ‘comedian’ Samantha Bee.”

Mueller has called the reports “flattering,” though his wife doesn’t seem to think so. According to the Muellers’ neighbors, Janet Mueller left town weeks ago and Robert, who was hardly ever home anyway, is nowhere to be seen, even late at night. His marriage being in shambles aside, the question becomes one of the ethics behind a man investigating false charges invented by Democrats being so involved with members of that party.

It almost looks like a conspiracy against President Trump, doesn’t it?

Don’t laugh. It doesn’t take much to constitute a conspiracy. A few psychotic social justice warriors who think food and shelter should just be free is far more common than anyone would care to admit.

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