Woman Shoots Muslim Neighbor In The Crotch For ‘Sharia Beating’ His Wife In The Driveway

Mary Lynne Fields of Wiscasset, New York was minding her own business folding laundry in her living room when she heard screaming coming from outside. She looked to find her neighbor, Sharan al Malheek, beating his wife with a stick in the driveway. Mary Lynne told our reporter:

“I screamed out the window for him to stop and he just stared at me for like…10 seconds. I could see his rage. The nhe shouted, ‘go back to your laundry, bitch. Sharia demands I have justice for this whorte’s indiscretions.’ I was terrified.

I did the only thing I know how to do. I grabbed my little .22 rifle I use to clean up the groundhogs that eat my garden and I put one right in his penis. Dead on, too. 30 yards.”

Fields was taken into custody for assault with a deadly weapon but later released when the al Maheek’s wife made a statement. She lives in New York, so the State Attorney is actively looking for a reason to lock her up, but from the circumstances, Kaylen al Maheek was in mortal danger and Mrs. Fields used what she thought was appropriate and non-lethal force from a safe distance.

Mrs. Maheek says she’s eternally grateful for her neighbor’s actions and even though her husband ultimately bled out and died, she’s glad that it was him instead of her.

Mary Lynn Fields is an American hero.

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