BREAKING: Covert Plot To Frame Trump For Murder Blows Up In Obama’s Face

An investigative unit for the BBC has been following a story in England that has been brewing for some time involving a young girl murdered in Liverpool in the early 1990s. Miriam Bradford-Winsock was just 20-years-old when she was abducted from the street and found strangled in a posh Manchester Hotel VIP suite.

After about five years, the case went cold and Scotland Yard filed it under unsolvable. A decade went by before anyone bothered to look into it again. The BBC did a story on the case in 2016, which is where things got a little bit weird. According to reporter Bradford Birmingham:

“Suddenly there were facts available that weren’t there before. There were names on the hotel register that we’re supposed to believe were just missed. One of those names was Donald Trump. Nobody remembers him being here, but the dates do coincide with a week he spent hashing out a deal for one of his UK golf courses.

Of course, we decided to start digging and what we found was irefutable evidence that US Prwsident Donald Trump murdered this poor young woman.”

Unlike most American “news” outlets, the BBC did its due diligence before running with such an inflammatory story. Company President and CEO, James Dourif, says the BBC has a higher standard of truth than any American outfit with the exception of Fox News and that had they not looked past the shiny object left in front of their faces, they may have done what American channels love to do: convict Trump in the media.

What they found on further investigation is absolutely terrifying. Members of the American Deep State, which is right now being led by Barack Obama, had infiltrated the hotel itself, Scotland Yard and INTERPOL. After a year of fabricating evidence, they scrubbed themselves from the scene. Unfortunately for them, a brilliant computer scientist found a trace of something that to him raised a serious red flag:

“There was a digital footprint left behind that would have been missed by 99.9 % of engineers. Our guy found it and traced it back to the headquarters of NOS Inc, the front company for Obama’s Deep State Shadow Government.”

INTERPOL says it will launch an investigation into the frame job but that they are unclear as to how they would proceed with charges:

“None of the evidence that was manufactured was ever brought to public light. It was discovered to be fake. Falsifying evidence in an investigation is a crime, but the investigation was over. These were breadcrumbs left for reporters for the sole purpose of smearing the American President. If there was a crime, we’ll find it.”

Obama and his cronies haven’t responded for comments.

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