BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Caught Transferring MASSIVE Amounts Of Cash To Cayman Islands Accounts


As liberals celebrate Robert Mueller catching Michael Flynn nefariously…doing his job, the wheels are in motion in the Clinton family — and they seem to be worried about something.

The Washington Post reports that there are still multiple sealed indictments that Michael Flynn has not yet announced, and the Clintons seem to have some clue as to whose names will be called when the time comes.

It’s unclear who associated with Clinton will be indicted in the Russia investigation, but a report from Foreign Policy Weekly drops some huge news:

Over the past three months, Hillary and Bill Clinton have both visited the Cayman Islands at least 4 times where they were “seen moving large amounts of money to their accounts.”

This type of move makes the money difficult to trace because accounts are attached to a number rather than a name. According to international banking expert Milo F. Standish, the money “cound have been transferred multiple times with no easy way to trace where it went.”

It is unclear why the Clintons would transfer this much cash to accounts the United States can not easily monitor, but the timing suggests that they are worried about the day the New York Times is forced to announce that Hillary Rodham Clinton colluded with Russia.

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