BREAKING: Roy Moore Accuser Completely Forged Her Only ‘Evidence’


Liberals have been screaming that Roy Moore is a creep, that he molests his constituents’ children, that’s he’s unfit for office, that he’s nothing but a horrible human being who should be cast aside — but they weren’t counting on their greatest enemy, the truth, rearing its ugly head.

Fox News reports that the woman who says Roy Moore molested her more than 30 years ago when she was a child “completely and totally forged” the yearbook entry that serves as her only “evidence” of the alleged attack.

Amanda Nelson admitted to CNN that she forged the message from Moore “right down to his signature.” As you can see from the comparison below, the signatures look similar to the naked eye but do not match:

Nelson admits that she was “encouraged” by her professional ambulance chaser of a lawyer, Gloria Allred, to use the forged inscription “as a setup for a big payday” but she says her guilt over destroying a good man led to her speaking out during her ABC interview Thursday.

“I was wrong,” Moore’s lying Clinton-supporting accuser says. “I was motivated by money and a desire to see him lose.”

Moore says he will not file a lawsuit, believing she has “learned her lesson.” This revelation has sent shockwaves through Alabama, where voters were almost fooled by this ruse. Overnight, Moore jumped 10 points in the polls and is now projected to win.

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