BREAKING: Terrorists Just Burned Down A National Treasure

The First Baptist Church of Christ of Gulfport, Mississippi was burned to the ground tonight by terrorists who had painted “Your God Is A Lie” on the side of the building. The building was empty when it burned.

While the community is strong and there is a sense of commitment to rebuild, you can’t help but feel the loss. You see, the First Baptist Church is one of the most famous in the South.

That’s because on  December 17th, 1851, Jefferson Davis married his bride, Helena Burnham, and delivered the speech many attribute to the rise of the Confederacy:

“I stand before my family and friends with our chosen pastor, a true man of God and my personal slave, as well as the slaves we consider part of the family, to wed my beautiful angel, Helena. Together we will make our way through the beaurocracy of the Federal government and assure that the south and all of our possessions are legally protected under our 10th Amendment rights to govern ourselves.”

It was that oath that drove Davis to become the US Senator from Mississippi and to eventually lead the rebellion against the Union in the War of Northern Aggression. That church and what happened there are a symbol to many good Americans of what this country was founded on and now it is gone.

Police have no leads other than they believe the perpetrators are either Muslims or atheists.

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