BREAKING: Trump Gets to Replace A Judge On The Liberal 9th Circuit Court

This is some great news!

The liberal 9th circuit court will not be much of a problem very longer thanks to a loophole in the law. Normally, each district covered under the court would take turns nominating a new judge with Justice Barbara P. Bailey, the 9th circuit’s only black woman, retiring next month and indeed it is a normal circumstance on the surface. It’s Arizona secretary of State Michelle Reagan’s turn — but she’s decided to put an interesting twist on the situation by allowing President Trump to choose for her.

“It’s no secret that the 9th Circuit Court has been imposing its will on Americans at large,” Reagan told the Phoenix New-Times on Monday morning. “After seeing him pick Justice Gorsuch, the best person for the job, for the Supreme Court, I have full confidence in his ability to make smart choices. He’ll make a better pick than I will.”

This spells disaster for liberals, who have been depending on the 9th Circuit’s liberal majority. Already, numerous judges have sided with President Trump multiple times but have fallen just short of the votes they needed to protect America from the liberal agenda.

“It’s time to restore the courts to what they are supposed to be: places where law and order, not feelings, take precedence,” Reagan says. Asked who she plans to recommend to the President, she told the New-Times, “I have some ideas.”

Liberals love to bash our faith in God, but they forget one important factor: we’re smarter than them.

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