BRILLIANT: Trump Rolls Out New Healthcare Plan For 2018 Two Months Early-Democrat Heads Explode

President Trump has moved the pieces on the healthcare chessboard closer to a win for the American people. With Obamacare still mostly on the books and the Republican health care bill dead in the water until the next session, Trump and his team were left no choice but to solve the problem.

In July of this year, after John McCain killed the healthcare bill, Trump announced the formation of a special committee of doctors, lawyers and healthcare CEOs to see what kind of solutions would actually work for the people of this country.

What they came up with is a simplified insurance system that makes sure anyone who wants coverage can have it. All you have to do is go to your doctor, pay a $30 copay and the rest is taken care of out of your taxes. You don’t have to worry about rates, coverage…none of it. Of course, you can always opt out and get a nice tax deduction or rebate if you’re not into people telling you to get insured.

It’s a simple system that allows you to just get taken care of. The administration will be paid for with a payroll tax increase of 2.3 percent and lifting of the payroll tax cap to $1 million. The PEW Center for conservative-biased research says the average American will save more than $6K per year on this new system.

President Trump is a genius.

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