UPDATE: ‘Thousands’ Voted For Doug Jones In Alabama Town With Population Of 2,256


More news about the corruption of the Democrat Party has surfaced — again related to the hotly contested Alabama special election to the Senate.

Democrat Doug Jones walks away from the race a winner, but he had a lot of help. Early into voting, a van packed with illegal immigrants (and a Hispanic former DNC employee) was stopped outside a polling location at Santa Recto Middle School in Selma — their sixth stop in what was to be a statewide voting spree. On top of that, Jones was caught red-handed campaigning outside a polling location during voting hours in violation of state and federal election laws.

The State Election Board of Voting Integrity said early on that “more than a third” of Jones’ votes up to 11 a.m. looked suspicious — and with good reason. Many of them came from the small town of Bordalama, a rural community about 20 miles outside Birmingham.

According to official tallies, Roy Moore received 953 votes in the small town. Doug Jones received 5,327. If the disparity in numbers isn’t enough to give you reason to smell something fishy, the population of the town should. There are 2,256 residents there and only 1,867 registered voters. In other words, more people voted for Doug Jones than even live in Bordalama.

According to city records, Reddit user MAGA4Ever points out, “there are 3,460 people buried in the local Mount Peace Cemetery — the exact difference between Moore votes and registered voters.”

This means that in Bordalama, Roy Moore got 953 votes legitimately and if every single other registered voter voted for Jones he’d have about 914 making him the loser.

If these inflated numbers are an indicator of a larger tampering with the vote, a full investigation is needed now!

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