Jeff Sessions: ‘I’ll Resign As AG And Reclaim My Senate Seat If Roy Moore Loses’

Jeff Sessions has announced to a private group of Republican donors that if Roy Moore LOSES, he’ll make use of an Alabama law that would allow him to reclaim his Senate seat under “extenuating circumstances.” The law, put on the books after Senator Pat Leahy was removed from office and replaced with a liberal Democrat, states that any duly elected official in the state of Alabama has the right to forfeit their appointed federal position to return to state service within the first year of an administration.

Would Jeff Sessions better suit the Republican party and the needs of the administration as a Senator? Many in Washington think he would. Trump spokesman Art Tubolls told our reporter in the field:

“It’s no secret that Jeff tends to butt heads with the President on more issues than he is comfortable with. if he went back to being a voting Senator, President Trump could appoint a new Attorney General.”

Pundits are beginning to speculate that if this scenario does play out, Trump just might appoint Roy Moore, a talented and experienced Jurist, to the Attorney General’s position. He may have an uphill battle to have him confirmed, but he’s faced far worse.

Jeff Sessions, for his part, says he “just wants to do what is best for the party.”

This one will be interesting to watch.

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