Meet The Woman Who Voted Illegally Twice In Virginia’s Election And ‘Won’ It For Democrats


You know how they say “Every vote counts?” Well, Conover Kennard’s vote definitely counted. Twice, in fact.

Kennard, a 56-year-old African-American woman from Wilmingham, Virginia spent a lot of time boosting Democrat Shelly Simonds in Virginia’s House of Delegates race. But her support didn’t stop there.

Simonds managed to “win” the race after a recount by a single vote — Kennard’s. One of her, anyway.

According to the Virginia Board of Election Integrity, another recount will be necessary because of “some instances of voter fraud that were discovered, including one woman who may have changed the results by voting illegally.”

According to officials, Kennard voted once in her hometown of Wilmington and again in the neighboring town of Kirkwood. Those two votes were enough to give Simonds 11,608 votes to Republican David Yancey’s 11,607.

The Board has recommended another recount, with at least one of Kennard’s disqualified but the state’s Democrat legislature is unlikely to allow that to happen.

Kennard was arrested for voter fraud on Tuesday and released on a $500 bond.

This is just another in a string of Democrat abuses of the Democratic process and further proof that we need to shore up our voter protections to keep these frauds from stealing away our Republic.


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