New Study Proves America Really WAS Better During Slavery But Not Because Of Slaves


Liberals love to call Roy Moore and Donald Trump racists for suggesting that America was better off “during” slavery — not because of slaves but because overall America was just better.

In 1850, the top tax rate in the country was 13%. Everyone paid their fair share. There was no welfare and if you needed a doctor you paid for one. He even came to your house if you wanted him to. According to a study by the Poynter Institute, Americans were also much happier with their government:

A full 83 percent of Americans said they support their government, compared to 13 percent today. When inflation is accounted for, our country and her people were also 24 percent and 50 percent wealthier respectively. The 18th century overall was great for the country when measured in terms of Americans’ wealth and happiness, though it did have its issues…

One of the major issues according to the report was slavery, but when we consider the overall condition of everything else (removing slavery from the equation) the country was in stellar shape.

“Slavery was something that absolutely needed to be abolished, but the fact is that America did quite well while it was going on and is not doing so today,” Poynter’s report concludes.

When Roy Moore talked about America under slavery, he was mentioning it in this same context: he wanted Americans to be happier, wealthier, and healthier — but as usual, Democrats misrepresented his remarks to call him a racist.

What’s that thing they always scream? Oh, yes. “Shame, shame, shame.”

Moore’s defeat in the Alabama special election to Senate shocked many, including Moore. Currently, his opponent Doug Jones is under multiple investigations for voter fraud.

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